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Veteran Services

Veteran Services

Oregonians care about each other, especially those who protect us at home and abroad. That's why voters in 2016 dedicated 1.5% of Lottery proceeds towards veteran services. Healthcare, job placement, education and home loans are more than programs. They are Oregon's way of saying thank you, and welcome home.

Our Veterans' Stories

Scott Knight

Oregon Lottery | U.S. Army, Chemical Operations Specialist

Like many, Scott joined the military because he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after high school. He felt that joining the army would help him build character, and also give him more options after finishing his commitment to the military. After serving his country for 14 years, he looks back on that time with fondness. He's grateful that there is mental health care available to veterans, and that the Lottery helps fund it.

Kevin Ehlers

Oregon Lottery | U.S. Navy, Personal Specialist Chief Petty Officer

As a Navy Veteran, Kevin Ehlers looks back on his military service fondly. “After my time in the navy, I think it really helped make me who I am. It’s instilled in me confidence for myself and taught me empathy,” he says. At the Lottery's Salem office, Kevin still relies on the discipline and strong work ethic that he learned during his time in the military. He says, “I think that everybody should serve…. Your service teaches you responsibility and builds character.”

Ken Pesnell

Oregon Lottery | U.S. Navy, Field Service Tech

For Ken, Naval service meant learning skills and gaining work experience that he could eventually use outside of the military. Technology is ever adapting, and Ken has adapted with it. He’s brought skills that he learned while he served to his employment here at the Lottery. While he hasn’t yet used veteran benefits himself, he’s grateful they were available for his daughter; she was discharged as a disabled veteran after also serving her country.

Jordan Guidry

Oregon Lottery | U.S. Navy, Intermediate Level-Avionics Technician

Jordan joined the Navy because he wanted to give back to his country. Now that he’s discharged, he feels that the navy has given back to him by teaching him skills that he uses daily. Jordan says that he’s not only grateful for the veteran services that help him personally, but also to be a part of an organization like the Lottery that helps other veterans. “I’m proud to be a part of the Lottery because I feel that I can continue to give back.”