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Jackpot Games

What would you do with a life-changing jackpot? Dream BIG and explore the possibilities when you purchase your chance to win among 8 fun and easy-to-play draw games. Whether you play your own lucky numbers or throw caution to the wind with quick pick, it is fun to dream a bit, and absolutely exhilarating to win a big prize.

Current Jackpot$0

02/24/2021 Results 4-33-43-53-65-21 x3

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Current Jackpot$30,000,000

02/23/2021 Results 5-7-9-20-57-15 x3

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Current Jackpot$24,000

02/24/2021 Results 1-7-12-15-19-23-28-30

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Current Jackpot$2,400,000

02/24/2021 Results 8-11-14-23-37-39

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A New GameEvery 4 Minutes

Best Odds to Win$1 Million

02/24/2021 Results 22-36-66-75

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02/24/2021 Results 0-8-5-1

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Online Sports Betting

Whether you’re new to sports betting or a seasoned veteran, you'll find an almost endless choice of professional sporting events you care about from around the globe.

We work with the world’s premier bookmakers to provide odds and thrilling wager opportunities, betting styles, and game options that are some of the best in the legal gaming industry. We are passionate about security, performance and customer service, and we are absolutely committed to responsible gaming.

Video Lottery

Try your luck with Vegas-style games. Choose the pageantry of Ancient Rome, a dive into an undersea paradise or the rugged beauty of the old west. You'll experience countless worlds of imagination as you decide between a catalog of nearly 40 distinct game themes.


From exciting games such as Fat Cat Tripler and Dragon Riches to Gone Squatchin' and Gold Rush Bingo, there’s a Scratch-it for everyone! 

Top Prize Scratch-its Price Top Prize
Oregon Lottery Promotional Game $1 $10
Lady Luck $5 $50,000
Brilliant Sapphire $5 $50,000

Second Chance

You’ve heard the phrase “everyone deserves a second chance” right? Well we believe it. We’re giving you a second chance to win the top prize on all Crossword and Bingo Scratch-its.