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Unmanned Aircraft Systems

​Pendleton, Umatilla County

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS, often called drones) are a big, growing business. That UAS can help with economic development isn’t questioned; they are used to take photos, deliver packages, assist farming activities and so much more. We’re still discovering the myriad of ways the technology can be used and leveraged. With all these drones, there is vital testing necessary to ensure the safety of everyone in the air and on the ground. That’s why UAS test sites are important.

The FAA (The Federal Aviation Administration) selected Pendleton as a test site, with the understanding that the city design and build 4 box hangars and 20 storage units for the test site’s users. Oregon Lottery dollars were part of $1.1 million Pendleton received from Business Oregon to complete this growth-stimulating project. Beyond growing Oregon’s unmanned aerial industry and making Oregon a national leader in this new technology, it creates an estimated 100 local jobs by the end of 2021.

Economic Development

Economic Development