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Requesting a Public Record

Oregon law gives “every person” the right to inspect any nonexempt record of a government agency in Oregon. For more information, check the rules describing how the Oregon Lottery handles public records requests. The citation to look for is OAR 177-010-0100.


In the event that there will be a charge for providing the requested information or documents, we will contact you in advance to advise you of the projected cost.

If the cost of providing the records exceeds $500, we will charge you a fee to cover staff and other expenses related to your request.

The complete fee structure for providing public records can be found in the above-referenced Oregon Lottery Administrative Rule. This document details the specific charges and also lists the documents that will be provided at no charge.

As indicated on the form, please be as specific as possible in your request. If you have questions, please call 503-540-1000.

If you have issues with submitting your request, please email and include the details of your request, along with contact information and any error message that you are receiving when trying to submit the form.

Email Notice:

State agencies, including the Oregon Lottery, are currently experiencing difficulties sending email to Microsoft accounts, including:


Until this issue is resolved with Microsoft, please use an alternative email address if possible when corresponding with the Lottery to ensure you are able to receive our reply.

phone format: 123-123-1234

In the textbox below, please provide a detailed description of the records you are requesting.

Include the type of document and format (MS Excel, Adobe pdf), subject matter, approximate dates, names and other information that will help us find the correct documents.

If you are requesting information about a retailer, please include the business name (as it is known to the public), physical address, and six-digit retailer identification number (if known).


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