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Play Location Update

Last updated: 5/20/2020

Salem and Wilsonville Lottery offices are currently closed

Players can claim prizes up to $600 (Scratch-its, Draw Games, Keno) and up to $1,250 for Video Lottery at Lottery retailer locations. Or players can claim their prize by mailing in a completed Winner’s Claim Form. Prizes $50,000 and up, call 503-540-1000 to schedule an appointment.

Video Lottery

Individual counties are working with the governor’s office and public health authorities to begin to reopen bars and restaurants. Video Lottery will be part of this process, but with modifications to help ensure player safety. These modifications are expected to include a check-in/check-out process for players, new cleaning protocols, and placing game terminals at appropriate distances.

Learnings from the first phase of re-opening will help determine when and how the re-opening process will extend to the state as a whole. Undoubtedly, it will be a different experience for Video Lottery players, but one that will help ensure the safety of both players and the staff at these establishments.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as the re-opening process gets underway. Please check back over the coming weeks for updates about when you can again expect to again play Video Lottery in your part of the state.

For an official list of currently open counties, please check here.


Scratch-its and Jackpot Games such as Megabucks, Mega Millions, and Powerball

Because many lottery retailers provide essential services, several lottery products are still available for purchase. Scratch-its, Keno and jackpot games are sold in many grocery stores and gas stations. If you choose to play, here are some tips to help maintain recommended distancing:

  • Many retailers have Lottery-To-Go vending machines that allow you to purchase lottery products while limiting face-to-face interactions.
  • If purchasing Keno tickets, consider watching the games on the Oregon Lottery app instead of at the retail location.
  • Need to check a ticket or look up drawing results? Download the Oregon Lottery app to do these things right from home.

Claiming Prizes

If you have a winning claim, congratulations! But how can you claim a prize while staying home? For now, prizes up to $50,000 should be claimed by mail. If you’re lucky enough to have a prize of $50,000 or more, you’ll need to make an appointment to come to the Oregon Lottery office in Salem. Call 503-540-1000 for assistance. As always, players should be certain to sign the back of their tickets.


Although several leagues have temporarily suspended play, Scoreboard players can still place bets on a number of international sports with the assurance that their wagers are safe. Future bets remain active as long as the event remains scheduled. Should an event be cancelled, open bets will be cancelled and automatically refunded to the player’s account.

Learn More

For more information about how you can continue to enjoy lottery play while minimizing potential health risks, visit our Play it Safe page.

Q&A for Lottery Retailers

If your business sells Lottery products, we have a Retailer Q&A page. It has detailed information about our plans for retail operations during the weeks ahead.