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Do you sell Video Lottery?
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Do you sell traditional games
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Traditional Lottery Training

This Responsible Gambling training was designed by industry experts with input from customer service staff and managers of convenience, gas and multi-register grocery stores.

Need Help?

We have answers to common questions in ou​r Retailer Training FAQs below. If you are still experiencing issues with your training please contact us.

What if I do not know my retailer ID or zip code?

Check in with your Manager/Supervisor for this information or you can contact the Hotline number at 1-800-766-6789, if you need assistance with your retailer location information.  You can also send us an email by selecting the “contact us” button on the registration page.

I typed in my zip code and a list of retailers came up what do I do?
You will need to scroll down and find your retail location.  Select it, but do not hit enter, all you need to do is press the “Click Here to Start Your Training” tab to start.