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Bringing You The Facts

There are many myths and misconceptions about the play of Video LotterySM games. Read below for the factual answers to such myths. 

Let's go!

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Myth: There are Video LotterySM terminals (VLTs) that are “hot.”
Fact: When you play a VLT, each play result is drawn from all possible combinations and the chances of winning are always the same. The number of past wins or losses has nothing to do with when the next payout will come. This means there is no such thing as a “hot” machine.
Myth: Some VLTs are “due” to pay.
Fact: All outcomes - wins and losses - are entirely random. There is no set pattern and no way to predict the outcome of a game.
Myth: Players can control the outcome of a game.
Fact: It is impossible for a player to control the outcome of a game. There is nothing that you can do while playing that can improve your chances of winning. Hitting the stop button will not impact the outcome of play in any way. In fact, the outcome of each game is determined as soon as you hit the play button.
Myth: VLT payouts are adjusted by the Oregon Lottery®.
Fact: While VLTs and the Lottery’s central computer system are constantly communicating, the Lottery’s central computer can’t make changes to the way specific VLT games play, nor can it make any changes to payout rates. Software located within each VLT controls all information specific to the games, including their payout rates and their randomness. This information is completely independent of the central computer and cannot be modified remotely from Lottery headquarters. Any game specific changes, such as changes to payout percentages or game features would require new game software from the VLT supplier to be physically installed into the terminal. Lottery does have the ability to perform some functions from the central system, such as deactivating a game or terminal(s); however, such action would only take place if the integrity of a game or terminal has been compromised.
Myth: It is possible to “chase” and recoup losses.
Fact: VLTs are programmed to pay out less than they take in over time. Playing any type of Oregon Lottery® game should be considered a form of entertainment and should not be played for investment purposes.