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Oregon Lottery® retailers are located throughout the state of Oregon, in a number of different venues. Search our list below to find a retailer near you.

Where To Play. Find a Lottery retailer near you.

#1 Food4Mart 729 SW 185th Ave 5/10/2011 Convenience Stores View
1.A.M. Market 1931 NE Stephens St 2/21/2007 Convenience Stores View
101 Bar & Grill 98141 W Benham Ln 9/5/2012 Bars View
102nd St Market #1 4646 NE 102nd St 6/5/2018 Convenience Stores View
108 Bar N Grill 10845 NE Halsey St 2/20/2007 Bars View
11th St Market 425 NW 11th Street 3/30/2018 Convenience Stores View
12th Street Market 1695 12th St SE 8/15/2019 Convenience Stores View
12th Street Pub & Grub 2795 12th St SE 11/10/2016 Bars View
13 Virtues Brewing Co. 6410 SE Milwaukie Ave 10/1/1999 Restaurants View
14 & Main Street Market 1408 Main St 10/19/2011 Convenience Stores View
162nd Glisan Market 16158 NE Glisan St 10/1/1999 Convenience Stores View
181st Shell 18031 SE Stark St 6/21/2019 Convenience Stores with Gas View
19th at Battle Creek Clubhouse & Grill 5765 Commercial St SE #110 1/14/2009 Restaurants View
200 Gift Shop 200 SW Market Street Ste L106 10/1/1999 Miscellaneous Retail Stores View
205 Gas 9808 SE Division St 4/29/2015 Convenience Stores with Gas View