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$7 billion to public schools since 1995


Lottery Dollars Support Oregon’s Future

Oregonians deeply value the quality of life in the Pacific Northwest and education is a huge part of preserving what we love most about our state. After all, when you prioritize education, you are ensuring a brighter future for this place we call home.

Whether you play Lottery games for the thrill of a big win, because you like to support your community, or both, your choice to play is truly doing good things. From kindergarten to state universities, from textbooks to building improvements, Lottery dollars help support classrooms throughout our state.

Key Dates:

Beaverton's newly constructed Mountainside High School 

New and Modern, Mountainside High School, Beaverton

The future has arrived, and it’s landed in Beaverton. Tucked between beautiful Bull Mountain and Tualatin Valley farmlands is Mountainside, Beaverton’s state-of-the art high school. It’s a sprawling 342,000 square feet, laid out on a 47-acre campus. Your Oregon Lottery dollars helped cover the cost to build this future-forward school.

Mountainside features 53 general classrooms, five special education classrooms, 11 science labs, a large wood shop, rooftop solar panels and four turf fields. The district’s newest school is expected to eventually serve about 2,200 students each year.

The mighty Mountainside Mavericks were established in 2017. That year they operated with just freshman and sophomore classes. 2020 will be their first year of full operations at all grade levels. By the time the inaugural graduating class collects their diplomas, Mountainside will be firmly established as the nexus for the many neighborhoods and families it serves.

While Beaverton’s Mountainside might represent the size and scale of a school that many Oregonians envision when they think of education in our state, it stands in contrast to the smaller but just as vital public schools that serve Oregon’s more rural corners. Thanks to the generosity of Oregon voters, lottery dollars are there to help support them all.

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Ashwood, Oregon school sign

Small but Mighty: Ashwood Elementary School, Ashwood

Sometimes it’s the smallest places that make the biggest impact on kids’ lives.

Ashwood, Oregon a is tiny, unincorporated community nestled in rural Jefferson County, about 32 miles northeast of Madras. Ashwood was once a mining boomtown. But as the gold played out, most of the city’s population drifted away. Now it’s one of those off-the-beaten-track gems that make Oregon special.

Despite its small size, Ashwood’s local school thrives with about 5-10 students enrolled each year, all supported by lottery dollars. Their one-room schoolhouse doubles as Ashwood School District headquarters. In fact, the entire district exists solely for the benefit of the handful of children who live there—students who might otherwise not have ready access to the sort of education most Oregonians take for granted.

But even this tiny school in a far-flung part of our state enjoys the same curriculum and enrichment activities as their counterparts in bigger Oregon districts. The phrase “small but mighty,” could have been coined with Ashwood in mind. Just like the much larger districts on the other side of the state, Lottery dollars help support their efforts. When you play, Oregon schools of all sizes win.

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Teaching is a revolutionary act of social justice that empowers children to evolve and grow. - Mercedes Munoz

A force of nurture: 2020 Oregon Teacher of the Year – Mercedes Muñoz

The very best teachers are the ones who inspire their students to reach for the stars. The Oregon Lottery is proud to sponsor the Oregon Teacher of the Year because we believe in celebrating teachers who are truly transforming lives and communities in our state.

Teacher. Advocate. Mentor. Coach. 2020 Oregon Teacher of the Year Mercedes Muñoz does all of that and more, but in a classroom full of kids from historically underserved communities. Mercedes provides daily hope and encouragement to a wide range of students with different academic, social and emotional needs.

Mercedes is a learning specialist at Franklin High School in Portland. She’s described as a “force of nurture” and a champion for the learning needs of all students, ensuring they are seen, heard and prepared for their lives after high school. She’s a member of the Franklin High Equity Team, and very involved in the recruitment of historically underserved students to the school’s Advanced Placement Program.

In short, Mercedes Muñoz is transforming the lives of those in her classroom and helping her students find the best in themselves. There are hundreds of teachers who provide that same impact for kids all over Oregon, and Lottery dollars help support what they do.

Is there a teacher in your community who deserves to be recognized for their amazing work? Nominate them today for Oregon Teacher of the Year.

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Students participate in Outdoor School 

Educating from Oregon’s special places: Outdoor School

Oregonians have a special love for the great outdoors. Living in our state comes with extra perks, like full public access to our beaches, hundreds of miles of hiking trails and an amazing state park system. Many of us learned to embrace the rugged beauty of Oregon at Outdoor School, that special rite of passage designed to get fifth and sixth graders outside to a life-changing natural classroom.

When you play, Oregon Lottery dollars ensure Outdoor School remains part of the experience for every kid in our state. Together, we do good things.

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