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Ella Redkey Pool

Imagine an outdoor swimming pool that you can swim in all year round. You can do that at the Ella Redkey Municipal Pool in Klamath Falls.

“The pool is very important to us,” said Joe Wall, Management Assistant to the City Manager. “The Ella Redkey Pool is the community’s only public pool and allows for active, low-impact exercise for all age groups.”

The Ella Redkey Pool is a 360,000-gallon public pool with eleven 75-foot-long swim lanes and a spiral-tube slide. Warmed by geothermal heat, it’s one of the most interesting and toasty pools in the state. And, thanks in part to funding from the Oregon Lottery, the pool has a cover that will keep the temperature of the water up during the winter months. This allows the pool to stay open longer and serve more people.

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Parks & Recreation