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Dimmick Building Demolition

​Josephine County 

The five-story Dimmick Building, built in the 1960s, was Josephine County’s main hospital until its closure in the early 2000s. Filled with old equipment, areas of the roof collapsed, asbestos in various materials throughout the building, mold covering the lead-painted walls, this hospital posed a serious public health risk and needed to be torn down. Simply bringing in a wrecking ball or setting controlled explosives posed far too much risk for the building that had sat unused for nearly 13 years. But the expense of such careful demolition was too heavy for the cash-strapped county, so they applied for a Business Oregon loan.

That $1.5 million loan, which included a $500,000 forgivable loan backed by Oregon Lottery dollars, along with a $105,000 grant using Lottery funds, allowed the project to proceed safely. Floor by floor an Oregon-based company (keeping the dollars and jobs in our state) carefully cleaned and razed each floor. Today the land is clean, ready for redevelopment, awaiting a buyer or tenant who might bring new jobs to help grow the Josephine County economy.

Check out this timelapse of the project is courtesy of the Grants Pass Daily Courier.

Economic Development

Economic Development