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Rogue River Preserve

Thanks to the efforts of a Southern Oregon community, there’s a new nature preserve and historical site that Oregonians will enjoy for years to come.

One family had owned the property for nearly seventy-five years. Other than a modest riverfront house, the land was pristine and untouched. The virtually-undisturbed native habitats and ecosystems include rare white fairy poppies, natural springs, vernal pools, oak-pine woodlands and regular visits from elk and deer.

The Southern Oregon Land Conservancy (SOLC) purchased the more than 350 acres of undeveloped land, including two miles of iconic Rogue River frontage, after a funding campaign that was launched by a $1.3 million grant from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board.

 “That grant, which was funded in part with Oregon Lottery dollars, really got people to take notice and realize that we could raise the funds and purchase this important property,” said Diana Garcia, executive director of SOLC. “This is a project that appeals to a wide range of people. We can use this property as an educational opportunity for students, to get kids into nature. People who like wildlife and birding can come out and people who just like to come out and enjoy the outdoors can come out and explore.”

Watershed Enhancement

Watershed Enhancement