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Woman filling out a Keno ticket

Why We Play

Whether we play Keno, Scratch-its, Video Lottery or any of the other Oregon Lottery games, we all have one thing in common: we're dreamers. We love to picture ourselves winning our favorite game and imagining our lives after a jackpot. But regardless of if we win a lot, a little, or nothing at all, every game gives a little bit back to Oregon. We're supporting things like schools, veterans, state parks and more. That's a whole lot of us doing a whole lot of good across every county in Oregon. 

Why do we play? For the fun in playing, the joy in winning and the opportunity to support the things that make Oregon, well, Oregon. 

When We Play, Oregon Wins

Oregon voters have directed lottery proceeds to support several important causes over the years. From education to economic development, veterans’ services and more, you can learn all about the important services you support with your lottery dollars.

Prefer to see the specific projects that have benefitted each of Oregon’s 36 counties? You can find that information here.

97 cents of every dollar played is paid in prizes and transfers to state programs Oregonians care about.

Lottery Games We Love to Play

Whether you like physically scratching your tickets, the immediacy of video lottery or the big dreams of Megabucks, there's a game for every player. And every time you play, you can smile, knowing you're helping our great state.

Want to know more about one of our games? Discover your new favorite below.

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Win for Life
immie Musselwhite and others pose with giant bonus check from the Oregon Lottery.  

Paying it Forward

By providing access to Lottery games, retailers play a critical role in delivering needed funds to state and local programs. Sometimes they go above and beyond, like Jimmie Musselwhite in Forest Grove.

When Musselwhite, who owns the Mini Mart in Forest Grove, learned he sold a $1 million Powerball ticket, he wondered what to do with the $10,000 bonus check he received from the Oregon Lottery for selling the winning ticket. With 14 years of serving the Forest Grove community, the decision was easy, bonuses to his staff and a donation to a local homeless shelter.

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Launie, a Video Lottery winner  

Having Fun and Doing Good

What does Launie like about the Lottery? Knowing that the money she spends helps schools and the local economy. “You feel better playing when you know it’s going toward something important,” she said. “There are so many needs in the state, at least this way you can have fun while you support state programs.”

But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t also like winning! Launie struck it big with a $3,421 win when she played Ocean Magic for the very first time. “I had no idea what I was doing – it was the first time I played that game – and I was shocked when the machine started going crazy,” she said. Between experiencing a lucky win and supporting important causes, Launie has even more reasons to enjoy lottery games.

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Ralph, an Oregon's Game Megabucks winner  

Keeping it Fun 

Ralph, a retired millwright from Springfield, likes to play Oregon’s Game Megabucks. He’s been playing it off and on since the game originally launched in 1985.

Why Megabucks? For Ralph, it’s because it’s local and supports important causes. “The Lottery does so much good for the state,” he said. “Where would the money come from if we didn’t have the Lottery? I think it’s a fun way to raise money without it being a tax. It’s a ‘tax’ we pay for fun.”

It was with that great philosophy in mind that Ralph picked up a ticket at his local Dari-Mart on a recent morning walk. But this time, when he checked his ticket he discovered he had a $3,800 winner!

In 2018, Oregon’s Game Megabucks produced half of Oregon’s top ten highest-dollar winners. And although Ralph’s prize was modest in comparison, he’s right — playing does great things for the state. And for players like Ralph, it’s good fun too!

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Josh Hector at the Barge Inn  

Improving Their Business 

Josh Hector has a plan when it comes to his 80-year-old bar and restaurant, The Barge Inn in Newport, and the Oregon Lottery is a big part of that plan.

After taking ownership of the bar several years ago, he has worked to improve the atmosphere, menu and entertainment, in part, thanks to the revenue he has seen from Lottery games.

"We plan to do a project each year with the revenue we make from the Lottery," Hector said. "We see the games as an important part of the entertainment we provide."

Hector said total food sales are up about 30-percent overall and that Lottery games were the "third leg of the stool" when it comes to revenues. He also said that 90-percent of his Lottery sales were Video Lottery; however, he expanded his Lottery offerings to meet demand.

“I really believe that if you make it fun and comfortable, people will want to spend time at your business. It's a win-win-win. A win for the Lottery, a win for the businesses and a win for the customer."

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