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Commission and Director Info

The five-member Lottery Commission oversees the governance of the Oregon Lottery. The governor appoints commission members for four-year terms. The State Senate confirms the appointments. Members serve at the pleasure of the governor.

Commission Requirements

Oregon law requires that at least one commissioner have a minimum of five years’ experience in law enforcement and at least one commissioner must be a certified public accountant. No more than three members of the Commission can be affiliated with the same political party.

The Commission’s responsibilities include:
  • Ratifying retailer contracts
  • Approving yearly budget and business plan
  • Approving monthly financial reports
  • Adopting rule and policy changes

Current Commissioners


MardiLyn Saathoff 


Maulin Patel

​Maulin Patel





Chris Telfer 


Julie Wilcox

Julie Wilcox


​Contact information

Oregon Lottery Commission
PO Box 12649
Salem, OR 97309

Oregon Lottery Director

Barry Pack

​Barry Pack


The governor appoints the Oregon Lottery director, whose appointment must be confirmed by the Senate. The director’s responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the administration of the Lottery and its employees, as well as external and legislative activities
  • Recommending annual strategic direction and budget to the Lottery Commission
  • Serving as the Secretary and Executive Officer of the Lottery Commission

For additional information, contact Alisa Zavala: